Wee-Wee® Disposable Diapers

Wee-Wee® Disposable Diapers are a comfortable and highly absorbent solution when used for incontinence, untrained puppies, females in season, or dogs with excitable urination. Designed with fit in mind, our Fur-safe Flex-Fit stretch waste band and convenient tail opening allows for a proper fit on a variety of dogs. Chlorine and dye-free . Available in 4 adjustable sizes.

  • XS fits up to 8lbs. and up to 12" waist
  • Small fits 8 -14 lbs and 12" -15" waists
  • Medium fits 15-19 lbs. and 15" - 18" waists
  • Large/XL fits over 20lbs and over 19" waists