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Welcome to Pets 101!

Whether you're an experienced pet owner or just embarking on life with a furry or feathered friend, Four Paws Pets 101 offers great information on a wide variety of pet-related topics. You'll find helpful tips and informative articles about pets and the family, training, grooming and care, and more!

Family Matters
Building and strengthening a relationship with our pets is one of the most rewarding aspects of living with them. Read on to find helpful advice on living with pets and  kids, making introductions, and safe play among two- and four-legged family members. See Articles

Grooming and Care
Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy, and best of all, it provides a wonderful bonding experience. Read to find helpful tips on bathing, brushing, coat types, grooming styles, and much more. See Articles

Home, Yard, and Beyond
Keeping the home and yard clean and secure for your dog is crucial to maintaining his overall health, safety, and comfort. Read to find advice on crates & gates, removing pet stains, outdoor safety, and more. See Articles 

Training and Waste Management
Training and waste management go hand in hand! When you train your dog to potty in a specific area, you help to prevent house soiling and messy cleanup in undesirable places in the home. Read for tips on Wee-Wee pads, crate training, house soiling, and more. See Articles

Activities, Fun, and Quizzes
Fun articles & quizzes and activities for you and your pet.  See Articles

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