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Top 5 Indoor Activities for Pet Parents

Bad weather doesn’t have to mean a bad day. Spending a rainy day indoors with your pet is the perfect opportunity to learn a few tricks, play a new game, or catch up on your grooming routine. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve come up with our top 5 indoor activities to keep your pets (and their humans) entertained on a rainy day!



Take advantage of a day stuck inside by teaching your pet a classic rainy-day game: hide-and-seek! Start by putting a treat in a small cup or container, going into another room, and shaking the container. When your pet “finds” you, give them the treat and lots of praise. Repeat this process, gradually hiding further away and in harder-to-find spots. The best part about this game? When the weather improves, you can play it outside, too!


Being stuck inside all day can have you and your pets feeling a little cramped, especially if you’ve got some clutter lying around. For a fun and useful way to pass the time, teach your pets to clean up their toys! Teaching this trick is easier than you think; Start by giving your pet a toy to hold. Then, walk them over to their toy box, show them a treat, and say, “Clean up!” They will likely open their mouth for the treat, dropping the toy in the box. Repeat this until all their toys have been put away, then dump them out and start again. With practice, this chore can easily turn into a fun game for your pet and a useful trick year-round.



While you’re in cleaning mode, you might as well spoil your pet with a full grooming session. Give them a bath, trim their nails, brush their teeth, and comb their fur—the works. Top it all off by petting them with the Four Paws Love Glove Grooming Mitt. You’ll remove their shedding fur and they’ll get a nice massage—it’s a win-win!



All you need for this mentally-stimulating game is three containers (plastic cups will do!) and a few treats. Line the containers up in front of your pet, then show them the treat. Put the treat under one of the three containers and rearrange them a few times. Your pet will “guess” which container has the treat by pawing at it or sniffing it. If they guess correctly, they get the treat! This is a great game to engage your pet’s brain, because it never gets old. As they get better at it, you can make it more complicated by adding containers or rearranging them in different patterns.



With a little bit of research, you can find plenty of dog- and cat-friendly treat recipes online! Many of these recipes call for ingredients you already have in your kitchen, like peanut butter, rice cakes, and bananas. 

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