How to Trim Your Dog's Hair


Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while, but you can prevent this problem with your dog by trimming his coat when necessary. Certain types of dog coats need to be trimmed to keep them in shape and looking great, including medium- to long-coated dogs, curly-coated dogs, and wire-haired dogs. Ask a professional groomer to show you how to groom a dog properly, so that you can copy it at home.


Medium to Long Coats

Get a comfortable pair of scissors. Trim the bottom of your dog’s coat after you’ve bathed him. Only take off a little bit at a time so that you get the look you want while keeping the length even. Follow up by trimming around the eyes and ears, using special scissors designed for those sensitive areas, like Magic Coat® Professional Series Safety Tip Facial Scissors.

Curly Coats

Curly-coated dogs have many specialized cuts for their type of hair. Some are complex and best left to professional groomers. However, you can keep the cut in shape in between grooming visits by investing in some clippers and asking your groomer to show you how to use them. Always trim after your dog has been thoroughly brushed and bathed.

Wire Coats

Wire-haired coats are stripped—a process in which dead hair is plucked out—to remove excess hair. Done properly, stripping is not painful, but this is another specialized task you’ll need a groomer to demonstrate. Magic Coat® 3-in-1 Scissors provide a thinning blade along with scissors that can help you trim your wire-haired dog. You should also use the scissors to trim excess hair around the paws, head, and anus.