What's the Best Way to Clean Up Dog Poop in the Yard?

If your backyard serves as your dog’s potty spot, it is essential to keep it clean. Allowing dog waste to accumulate can turn a beautiful backyard into an ugly, smelly mess. A dirty yard can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. Bear in mind that dogs are self-groomers. If your dog is stepping in fecal matter when he walks through your yard, he is likely ingesting some of that icky material when he licks his paws later. To make matters worse, leaving feces in your yard can attract unwanted attention from wild animals, making the space unsafe for your beloved pet. 

Establish a Cleanup Schedule

The best way to make sure that your yard stays clean and safe for your pet is to establish a schedule to keep it that way. Picking up after your dog each and every time he goes to his potty spot is an ideal plan but one that many owners have a hard time keeping up with. If you can manage this task, you deserve a reward, but if you can’t, a more realistic goal might be a daily once-over of your property. Even tackling this important chore every other day is better than putting it off.

If you can’t get to the task until later, though, treat cleanup time like a search-and-find game. Begin in one corner of your yard and work in sections until you have covered all the space. If at all possible, perform your cleanup session before a rainstorm instead of after one. Heavy rain can make the task a considerably more difficult one. Direct sunlight during warmer months can also make waste tough to pick up.

Use the Right Tools

When you leave home to walk your dog on his leash, take along one or two disposal bags, like Wee-Wee® Disposable Bags, in case he eliminates on public property. In most areas so-called pooper-scooper laws make doing so a necessity, but honestly, cleaning up after your pet is just good manners. After all, no one likes to step in dog feces, either in public or at home. Using bags in your own backyard, however, isn’t as practical as taking them along for walks. Using a scooper is much easier on most owners’ backs. 

The Wee-Wee® Spring Action Scooper for Grass and Wire Rake Scooper for Grass are designed to help you rid your yard of your pet’s waste without hurting your lawn. The former tool can even be used with a single hand, making the job an even easier one. Scoopers take a great deal of the unpleasantness of cleaning up after your pet out of the equation. Even kids can learn to use these simple yet effective tools.