How to Stop A Dog from Peeing in the House

House soiling is among the most unpleasant pet behaviors. The effects of this problem can linger in the form of stains and odors, making pet owners feel embarrassed, discouraged, and hopeless. After all, no one wants to spend time in an area that looks and smells like pet excrement. To add to the problem, the scents left behind from house soiling can often encourage pets to revisit the scene of the crime. Fortunately, owners can clean up the mess and stop it from happening in the future—with a little help from effective cleaning solutions and training aids.

How to Manage House Soiling

The first step to solving the problem of house soiling is to stop the animal from eliminating in undesired locations. Begin by removing your pet’s access to the area he has soiled until you have cleaned it thoroughly. The more an animal eliminates in a particular location, the greater the likelihood that he will return to that spot for a repeat performance. Pet gates and crates can be helpful for containing your pet while you clean, but they will do nothing to train your pet to eliminate in the proper spot. To teach your dog where you do want him to go, use Wee-Wee® Pads. These lined pads with leakproof liners are treated to entice your pet when nature calls. They also keep the mess off your carpets and floors.

How to Clean Up the Mess

While your pet is in another area of your home—with Wee-Wee® Pads nearby, of course—eradicate the residue of his housetraining mishaps with Wee-Wee® Advanced Stain & Odor Remover. Allowing your pet to watch you perform this step can be a bad idea. You don’t want your pet to think that his job is to make the messes and that your job is to clean them up, even if it may be partially true.

In some cases it isn’t a lingering odor that attracts an animal to use a certain spot as a comfort station. Sometimes a pet eliminates in an improper location simply because it’s convenient. Other times an animal may be trying to claim the spot through marking behavior. Both dogs and cats may urinate on items as a way of discouraging other animals from coming near—like posting an invisible sign that says “This spot is taken.” Keep Off!® Indoor & Outdoor Dog & Cat Repellent Spray can help dissuade the offender from leaving such messages in the future. It is also wise to treat any other unacceptable locations that your pet has frequented.

Once you have removed all evidence of your pet’s transgressions, allow the freshly cleaned spots to dry fully before returning him to the area. Continue to use Wee-Wee® Stain & Odor Remover Products and Keep Off!® for future accidents that may occur elsewhere. If you make housetraining an ongoing priority, though, you will soon be cleaning up fewer and fewer messes until your pet’s last accident is just a distant memory.