Healthy Promise® Paw Guard® Dog Paw Balm with Lanolin

Healthy Promise Paw Guard is created to protect dogs’ paw pads from dangerous surfaces and restore moisture to dry or cracked paws. From walking on a hot summer day to playing in the snow, there are many activities throughout the year that can affect your dog’s paws. That’s why this dog paw balm helps provide a barrier between icy surfaces, hot pavement, gravel, sand, hard surfaces, snow, and ice-treated areas. Our dog paw moisturizer also features Lanolin to soften dry, cracked paws and trap water to restore moisture. Use Healthy Promise USA-made Paw Guard year-round for soft, healthy paws!

  • Paw balm for dogs helps moisturize dry or cracked paw pads
  • Provides protection from cold, abrasive snow and salt-treated areas
  • Helps keep paws safe on hot, icy, sandy, or hard surfaces
  • Simply rub your dog's paws onto product or apply directly by hand
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Size: 1.75 oz