Magic Coat® Professional Series Cat Slicker Brush

The Magic Coat Professional Series Cat Slicker Brush is engineered for exceptional grooming results! This cat brush features flexible wire bristles that quickly capture loose hair, offering a gentle grooming solution that doesn't irritate the skin. In addition to reducing shedding, this brush stimulates the skin's natural oils to promote a healthy, shiny coat. Plus, the lightweight wood handle offers ultimate comfort and control while grooming your pet. Designed with a compact brush head specifically for cats and kittens, this cat shedding brush is ideal for medium or long coats.

  • Specially designed in a compact size to easily maneuver on cats' and kittens' bodies
  • Cat slicker brush gently and effectively removes excess hair
  • Stimulates natural oils for a healthy, lustrous coat
  • Lightweight wood handle offers comfort
  • Slicker brush for cats and kittens with medium or long coats