Your dog's training pads should make life easier…not messier! That's why Wee-Wee® Pads with Insta-Rise Border combine an exclusive wetness-activated border with the dependable performance pet parents expect from America’s Original Trusted Pads. The result? First-of-their-kind pads that guarantee the driest floors and easiest cleanup.

Ultimate Safeguard Against Edge Leaks and Runoff

Our patent-pending technology creates a rising border when exposed to liquids, preventing messy leaks and wet floors.

All-Day, Worry-Free Protection

Offering 24-hour wetness protection and a money-back guarantee, Wee-Wee® Pads with Insta-Rise® Border give you a cleaner home and peace of mind.

Targeted Attractant

Built-in targeted attractant continuously draws dogs to the pad, making house training easier and reducing the risk of potty accidents—even for trained dogs!

For Dogs of All Sizes

Whether you are house breaking a small puppy or providing a comfortable potty for your large senior dog, each 22” x 23” pad is ready for any dog with any need.