8 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Little

Everyone wishes their kitten would stay small forever...and some will! A tiny adult cat can be the purr-fect companion for little belly rubs and sweet snuggles. Here are eight adorable small cat breeds that will be impossible not to fall in love with.

#1: Munchkin

munchkin cat in studio

 They might be little, but the Munchkin brings us massive joy! According to PetMD, this small cat made a resurgence in the 1980s after two were discovered under a pickup truck in Louisiana. Named after the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Munchkin’s short legs are their most notable feature and may even allow them to perch upright like a prairie dog. When fully grown, they stay between 4 and 9 pounds, maintaining their kitten-like appearance into adulthood. There is certainly no place like home, especially with this furry friend by your side.

#2: Singapura

singapura cat in studio

 The Singapura is considered the smallest cat breed in the world. Ranging between 4 and 6 pounds, this rare cat features a silky, smooth coat and a muscular physique. While they may be small, the Singapura certainly is not shy! They love to climb and explore and will make sure they are always the center of attention—whether you like it or not!

#3: Cornish Rex

cornish rex cat in studio

With a long and slender torso, the Cornish Rex is an easily recognizable feline. Their most unique features include a wavy coat texture, egg-shaped head, and adorably large ears. The Cornish Rex typically stays under 9 pounds, but that doesn’t stop this social butterfly from having a larger-than-life presence around you.

#4: Devon Rex

devon rex cat in studio

While similar in name, the Devon Rex was recognized more than a decade after the Cornish Rex. The major differences between the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex are the Devon Rex’s larger ears, shorter whiskers, and muscular legs. Despite their short coats, these small cat breeds are still not considered “hypo-allergenic.” However, a cat grooming mitt will help remove any loose hairs from the coat that could aggravate allergies.

#5: Siamese

siamese cat in studio

 Talk about a chatty cat! The Siamese cat may be known for its striking blue, almond-shaped eyes, but this furry friend is also considered the most talkative cat breed. Siamese cats have a petite frame and can even weigh under 8 pounds into adulthood. This cool cat loves being with their human, so don’t be surprised if your Siamese follows you from room to room!

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#6: American Curl

american curl cat in studio

 Underneath a fluffy coat, the American Curl is a small cat with a big heart. Their name comes from those distinctively shaped ears that curl backward. With a kitten-like personality, the American Curl remains playful and full of energy throughout adulthood. They are an ideal family cat that craves human interaction, which is important, since grooming will require some trust! A tool like the cat slicker brush will help keep your American Curl looking and feeling their best.


#7: Burmese Cat

burmese cat in studio

 Looking for the playfulness of a puppy mixed with the softness of a kitten? Meet the Burmese, a cat who acts like a dog! This friendly feline is affectionate, loyal, and even loves a game of fetch. Though they have small frames, the Burmese does have a muscular body that can range from 8 to 12 pounds. This social cat is happy to play with you all day, but a scratching post can also help entertain them during alone time. 


#8: Abyssinian

abyssinian cat in studio
Whoever said cats don’t like water has certainly never met an Abyssinian. This short-haired cat is one of the oldest known cat breeds, dating back to ancient Egypt. Abyssinians can be as little as 6 pounds in adulthood, but that doesn’t keep them from going on adventures. In fact, this cat is constantly on the go. Whether you are taking them on a leash through nature or for a dip in shallow water, the Abyssinian is the bravest little companion you can ask for!

Tiny Paws, Big Purr-sonality!

Don’t let their size fool you. These small cat breeds may look little on the outside, but inside they are full of spunk! Be prepared for lots of playing as you discover your furry friend’s quirky and unique personality.

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