The Guide to Dog Grooming Supplies

Whether you have a Shih Tzu with long, flowing hair or a Labrador Retriever with a short, practical coat, grooming should be an essential part of your dog’s routine. There are many products on the market to help make all of your grooming tasks simple. 

Brushing Supplies

The kind of brushing supplies you need depends on your dog’s coat.

  • Bristle brush
    The bristle brush, such as the Magic Coat Professional Series Flex & Contour Brush Soft Bristle Brush, is an excellent all-around choice for any type of coat. Short, medium, or long hair can all benefit from this tool. 
  • Pin brush:
    Pin brushes have small metal pins that work well for brushing medium- to longhaired dogs. They may be too uncomfortable for dogs with very short coats. Try a multi-use tool like the Magic Coat® Dual-Sided Combo Brush, which provides both a pin and bristle brush in one!
  • Shedding blade:
    Shedding blades can be metal or plastic and help remove dead hair from the undercoat.
  • Slicker brush:
    The slicker brush has fine wire bristles, which are good for tackling tangles and mats. The Magic Coat Professional Series Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great choice because it cleans itself with the push of a button.

Bathing Supplies

If you have an active dog who plays outside often, you’ll have to bathe him regularly. 

  • Shampoo and conditioner:
    Purchase a shampoo made specifically for dogs, as their skin’s pH balance is different than human skin. There are shampoos formulated for dogs with sensitive skin, to help whiten coats, and even to reduce odor! The Magic Coat® line of shampoos has the right type for your dog. Longer-coated breeds or dogs with dry coats can benefit from a conditioner made for dogs.
  • Towel:
    You’ll need a quick and easy way to get your soaking wet dog dry.

Dental Supplies

Keep your dog’s smile bright and mouth clean with the following supplies:

  • Toothbrush:
    Buy the size appropriate for your dog’s mouth. You can also try a finger brush for more control.
  • Toothpaste:
    Find a toothpaste made just for dogs. Never use human toothpaste, as it can upset your dog’s stomach.

Nail Trimming Supplies