Magic Coat® Conditioning Dog Comb

The Four Paws Magic Coat Conditioning Dog Comb conditions, detangles, and reduces static all at the same time! This dog deshedding brush features wider teeth that work through knots and mats to keep your dog looking their best. The conditioning strip on this dog grooming tool is infused with natural essential oils such as almond, mineral, coconut, jojoba, and olive, to naturally condition without leaving a residue. Plus, your home will stay cleaner because this comb collects loose hair from your dog and keeps it off your couch! This starter pack dog brush set includes a dog brush, a reusable conditioning strip, and protective strip covers. This product complements Magic Coat's entire line of grooming solutions, helping you groom like a pro with head-to-tail care.

  • Dog detangling comb features wide teeth that work through tough knots and mats in dogs' coats
  • Dog shedding tool includes a conditioning strip to moisturize dog's coat and skin
  • Anti static dog brush with a re-usable conditioning strip made with natural essential oils
  • Comb can be customized with Magic Coat Conditioning Refill Strips
  • Suitable for all skin and coat types