Magic Coat® Professional Series Flea Catcher Comb Flea Comb for Dogs

The Magic Coat Professional Series The Flea Catcher Comb is expertly designed with extra-fine teeth to effectively remove fleas, ticks, eggs, and dandruff from the coat. Meanwhile, this flea comb for dogs doubles as a grooming tool with durable teeth that loosen tangles and mats. Plus, the dog grooming comb features an ergonomic comfort-grip handle for ultimate comfort and control. Ideal for all coat types! 

  • Flea comb for dogs easily captures debris, dander, pests, and their eggs
  • Extra-fine teeth effectively remove pests in common areas including jaw, neck, and rear
  • Durable teeth loosen tangles and knots 
  • Ergonomic handle for ultimate comfort and control
  • Ideal for all coat types

UPC#: 045663970949