Magic Coat® Reduces Odor Shampoo

Specially formulated with odor-neutralizing compounds to eliminate odors, Magic Coat Reduces Odor Dog Shampoo delivers fresh results. Tough on dirt but gentle on your dog’s skin, this deodorizing dog shampoo is infused with parsley leaf extract. The leaf’s chlorophyll adds odor-absorbing benefits to leave the coat smelling clean. Plus, it provides your dog a lustrous coat and a tropical papaya scent. Free of parabens and dyes, this shampoo is proudly made in the USA!

  • Odor-neutralizing formula leaves the coat clean and fresh
  • Enriched with parsley extract for its odor-absorbing power
  • Tropical papaya scent
  • Paraben-free and dye-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Deodorizing dog shampoo can be used on all coat types

Available Sizes

UPC#: 045663970093