Wee-Wee® Odor Control Dog Training Pads with Febreze Freshness

Every pet parent and dog deserves a clean and fresh-smelling home. That's why Four Paws partnered with Febreze to create the ultimate odor-eliminating dog pee pads. We infused our Wee-Wee Odor Control Pads with Febreze Freshness, which eliminates pet smells and provides a fresh spring scent. These dog training pads eliminate pet odors 2x faster than standard pads. Plus, the 7-layer, leak-proof technology with oversized quilted pockets guarantees 24-hour wetness protection. These Wee-Wee Pads for dogs make housetraining and cleanup a breeze!

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  • Dog training pads neutralize strong ammonia odors and feature a fresh spring scent to keep homes smelling clean
  • Odor Control Pads eliminate odors 2x faster than standard pads
  • Designed with a 7-layer Leak-Proof Floor Armor System to protect your floors
  • Wet-lock gel quickly traps urine and rapid-drying top layer prevents tracking
  • Built-in targeted attractant continuously draws dogs to the pad and prevents accidents elsewhere
  • Use just one of these for 24-hour protection—no need to stack pads!

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