Wee-Wee® Odor Control Heavy Duty Dog Waste Bags Refill Rolls Value Pack

Our Wee-Wee® Outdoor Odor Control Dog Waste Bag Refill Rolls come in a value-size EZ Dispenser box to conveniently retrieve and restock the bags. The waste bags are ultra durable, sturdy, and designed for sanitary disposal. Our bags also contain odor-eliminating technology that absorbs and neutralizes odors on contact. Plus, these unscented bags are perfect for those with fragrance sensitivity. Each dog waste bag measures 8 inches long x 15 inches high.

  • Easy-open refill bin makes it convenient to retrieve and restock waste bags
  • Features odor-eliminating technology that neutralizes and absorbs odors on contact
  • Sturdy bags make disposing waste easy and worry-free
  • Unscented bags are ideal for those with fragrance sensitivity
  • Fits all waste bag dispensers
  • Count: Total of 315 waste bags that measure 8 inches long x 15 inches high and fit all dispensers