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dog activities and quizzes

Activities, Fun, & Quizzes

10 Festive Fall Activities For You and Your Pet
Break out the pumpkin spiced lattes and horror films! We thought of ten ways you can celebrate the harvest moon with your furry best friend. Peruse the list and get into fall, y’all.  Read Article

10 Funny Pets Who Take The Best Instagram Photos
We compiled a list of the top 10 pets who are serving up the cutest, funniest photos on Instagram right now—and they’re not limited to dogs and cats. Check them out!  Read Article


Dog Coat Quiz: Can You ID These Breeds?
See if you can name the right dog breed by looking at a picture of his coat. Share your results with your friends and see who’s a coat connoisseur and who needs to “brush” up!  Take Quiz

Which Image is Not Like the Others?
Can you spot which dog or cat is different in each series of images?  Take Quiz

Which Cute Kitten Matches Your Personality?
These four adorable kittens have very different personalities—which one is your purrrfect match? Take our quiz and find out!  Take Quiz

Holiday Movie quiz: Calling All Movie Buffs!
How well do you know your holiday movies? More importantly, how well do you know their doggy stars? Take this quiz and put your knowledge to the test!  Take Quiz

Quiz: Don’t Give Your Dog These Foods!
Valentine’s Day chocolates can be toxic to your dog! But chocolate isn’t the only human treat that’s harmful to pets. Make sure your dog food safety skills are up to snuff with our harmful foods quiz!  Take Quiz

Which of These Cute Pups Is Your Perfect Match?
Take this quiz to find out which of these unique puppies resembles your personality traits the most!  Take Quiz

Do You Know the Ins and Outs of Mats & Tangles?
Not all mats are welcoming—test your knot-grooming knowledge with this mats & tangles quiz!  Take Quiz

Cat Behavior Quiz: What Is Your Kitty Trying to Tell You?
Take Quiz

What Do You Know About Dog Adoption?
Any pet parent knows how much happiness comes with welcoming a dog into their home, but do you know how to prep for your new bundle of furry joy? Take the quiz to test your adoption know-how!  Take Quiz

Quiz: What Job Would Your Pet Have?
Just like humans, our pets have distinct personalities and skills.  We’re putting those talents to the test!  Find out how your best friend would take home the kibble.  Take Quiz

Quiz: Test Your Cat Knowledge
In addition to being one of America’s most popular pets, cats are among the smartest animals on the planet. Test your kitty expertise and discover some lesser-known facts about these loveable felines!  Take Quiz

Quiz: Test Your Pet Health Knowledge
How Much Do You REALLY Know About Pet Health? It's National Pet Dental Health Month! "Brush" up on oral care and other important ways to maintain your fur pal's wellness.  Take Quiz

 Quiz: Why is My Dog Shedding?
Fur on the floor, fur on the couch…we can relate! Test your knowledge of what causes dogs to shed. Take Quiz

Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Food Best Matches Your Pet's Personality?
From the celebrated main dish to everyone’s favorite dessert, discover which festive food represents your fur pal.Take Quiz