10 Large Cat Breeds with Even Bigger Personalities

What kind of feline friend comes to mind when you think of the word “cat”? While little furballs like the Abyssinian or Siamese cat are among the most popular breeds, there are many jumbo-size kitties who deliver just as much love and affection. In fact, large cat breeds often have a larger-than-life personality to match their build! Whether you’re looking for a new pet or just want to adore some mighty meow-ers, here are 10 big breeds that will win you over big time.


#1: Bengal

bengal cat 

The Bengal cat has a wild-looking, athletic figure similar to a ferocious Bengal tiger—but don’t let appearances fool you! This large cat breed is as friendly and loyal as can be, making them the perfect family companion. If you prefer an active kitty, Bengals are climbing enthusiasts and enjoy copious amounts of cat playtime. Their coats can come in a variety of colors ranging from brown to sepia, and their marbled or spotted patterns distinguish the Bengal cat as a truly exotic kitty.

Weight: 8–18 pounds

Height: 8–16 inches


#2: Ocicat


Speaking of exotic kitties, the Ocicat is a spitting image of its similarly named wild relative: the ocelot. Both are lean, muscular, and feature beautiful spotted coats that look native to the jungle. The Ocicat is much better suited for home life though, as these kitties are among the most trainable cat breeds and crave good old-fashioned playtime. Many Ocicats even enjoy water, which makes cat bath time very manageable!

Weight: 9–15 pounds

Height: 9–11 inches


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#3: American Bobtail

american bobtail

Famous for their compact body and stubby tail, the American Bobtail might not seem like a large cat breed from a distance. However, these muscular felines can weigh up to 20 pounds! They have long hind legs to counterbalance their stocky build and have a shaggy coat that comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. American Bobtails are also great with children and they’re so comforting that they are frequently used as therapy cats, according to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Talk about a gentle giant!

Weight: 14–20 pounds

Height: 9–10 inches


#4: Maine Coon

 maine coon cat on floor

With their burly size and long tail, the Maine Coon is commonly mistaken as a cross between a cat and a raccoon. Although that’s not the case, these felines do have fascinating roots. The oldest cat breed native to America, it’s believed the Maine Coon originated when their long-haired ancestors crossed the ocean with the Vikings. Those felines may have then bred with local short-haired cats, according to Rover. No matter how Maine Coons came to be, they are highly affectionate and easygoing kitties who thrive in family environments. They have a thick double-coat that requires frequent brushing, so always keep a cat grooming glove on hand!

Weight: 10–20 pounds

Height: 10–16 inches


#5: Selkirk Rex

selkirk rex

The Selkirk Rex has a puffy, plush-like coat with curly hair that makes these kitties look like oversized stuffed animals. In addition to their comforting appearance, they have a comforting personality that’s too sweet to pass up. The Selkirk Rex loves to cuddle, has a bit of a goofy side, and enjoys nothing more than being around their favorite people! These cats get along well with dogs, making them a great companion for pups who are amenable to having a furry sibling.

Weight: 10–16 pounds

Height: 9–11 inches


#6: Savannah

 savannah cat

This big household cat resembles an even bigger cat—the leopard—with its spotted pattern. Adding to their wild intrigue, the Savannah is a crossbreed between a domestic cat and the serval, a wild cat hailing from sub-Saharan Africa. Savannahs are friendly, gregarious cats who enjoy going on walks, making them much better suited for home living than their ancestry would suggest. Their coats shed minimally and can sport a single color or a tabby pattern. It’s important to keep an eye on them in a multi-pet home, as Savannahs are hunters by nature and may try to pounce on other animals.

Weight: 12–25 pounds

Height: 10–17 inches


#7: Ragdoll

ragdoll cat 

The Ragdoll is not only one of the biggest house cats, but they are also some of the most social felines you will ever meet. Affectionately nicknamed the “puppy cat,” these kitties love getting attention and spending time with their pet parents. They are easygoing and gentle, and many Ragdolls even like being carried around the house. A Ragdoll’s coat can come in an astonishing range of colors, including chocolate, lilac, blue cream, and seal. Plus, nearly all Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes!

Weight: 10–20 pounds

Height: 9–11 inches


#8: Siberian

siberian cat 

For centuries, the Siberian has fascinated humans with its graceful charm. Even though this breed did not appear in the United States until 1990, their Russian ancestry dates back more than 1,000 years, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Siberians don’t disappoint when it comes to cat obedience training, as they are some of the smartest and composed kitties in the world. Despite their dense triple-coat, these cats are generally considered hypoallergenic because they produce lower levels of Fel d 1, which is one of the most prominent cat allergens, according to Treehugger. Siberians come in a variety of colors, ranging from reds to blues.

Weight: 10–15 pounds

Height: 10–12 inches


#9: Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat 

With their long flowing coat and muscular build, the Norwegian Forest Cat looks like a creature right out of Norse mythology! Their thick, water-resistant double-coat helped their ancestors survive the harsh Scandinavian winter and contributed to their grand appearance. Today, these big house cats gaze upon their pet parents with piercing green or yellow eyes and show their friendliness with a playful, sweet disposition. Norwegian Forest Cats love to climb, so it’s important to provide them plenty of dedicated exploring space.

Weight: 12–20 pounds

Height: 9–12 inches


#10: Turkish Van

turkish van 

It’s not every day you see a Turkish Van, but when you do it’s difficult not to admire their cloud-like physique. They are rare in the United States despite their popularity in Turkey, and they are easily recognizable by their all-white body and dark-colored tail and head. These kitties are considered the jocks of the cat world, owing this title to their natural athletic abilities and broad shoulders. Turkish Vans also love to swim, so they may just be your furry poolside buddy!

Weight: 8–18 pounds

Height: 10–14 inches


More to Love!

The biggest house cats can bring lots of joy into any home. Their warm and friendly personalities mean you won’t have much trouble getting your cat to like you, and their large builds will amaze anyone who meets them. It won’t take long to fall in love with these fascinating felines!

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