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Dog getting ears wiped out

Grooming and Care

Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog happy and healthy, and best of all, it provides a wonderful bonding experience. Read below to find helpful tips on bathing, brushing, coat types, grooming styles, and  much more.


Bathing Your Dog
Bathing your dog may seem like a monumental chore, but with the right supplies you can have a clean fur buddy in no time. Read More

Bathing Your Puppy
Giving your pup their first bath is a milestone that involves preparation and technique! Read this step-by-step guide on how to bathe a puppy.  Read More

Brushing Your Dog
Brushing your dog regularly not only keeps his coat looking good, but it also helps release dead hair, cuts down on excess shedding, removes mats, and distributes the natural oils in the skin to keep your dog healthy. Read More

Cat Getting Hairballs
Cat parents can agree: hairballs aren’t a glamorous aspect of raising a feline friend. Find out why your cat is getting hairballs and how you can help. Read More

Cat Grooming
Grooming your cat has numerous advantages. This quality time spent with your feline friend allows you to keep him clean, check his overall health, and control shedding. Read More

Trimming Your Dog's Coat

Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while, but you can prevent this problem with your dog by trimming his coat when necessary. Read More

Dog Dental Care

Give your dog’s teeth the same level of care that you give your own by following a regular dental routine. Read More

Dog Coat Types

Watch a dog show on television and you’ll see a wondrous variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You’ll also find quite a few different coat types! Read More

Dog Ear Care
While all dogs’ ears need care, some types of ears require special attention. Read More

Essential Oils and Your Dog’s Skin
Essential oils are among the world’s most valuable resources for maintaining health and beauty. Products made from these concentrated ingredients, like Four Paws Magic Coat shampoos, can improve a dog’s skin and coat. Read More

Dog Eye Care
Your pup’s expressive eyes say so much, and it’s up to you to keep them healthy and looking good. Read More

Grooming Dogs with Sensitive Skin
If your dog’s coat is dull or brittle and his skin oily, red, or scaly, it’s possible that he is experiencing troubles that stem from a poor diet, pests, or even an internal disease. Read More

Dog Grooming Supplies
Whether you have a Shih Tzu with long, flowing hair or a Labrador Retriever with a short, practical coat, grooming should be an essential part of your dog’s routine. Read More

Grooming the White-Coated Dog

When well groomed, dogs with white coats truly sparkle. However, getting and keeping them in that condition requires some effort. Read More

Dog Nail Care
Many pet parents avoid cutting their dog’s nails because they’re nervous about causing pain. This is why the right tools and techniques are essential for this important task. Read More

Pest Control: Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are parasites that negatively impact your dog’s health. The sooner parasites are eliminated—or prevented—the better off your dog will be. Read More

Dog Shedding
Shedding is a normal function that helps animals get rid of their old winter or summer coat. You can’t stop a dog from shedding, but you can reduce the amount of loose hair flying around the house. Read More 

Tangles & Mats in Dogs
Tangles and mats are not just ugly—they are painful and damaging to a dog’s skin. They can form in the outer- and undercoat, where they may remain unnoticed for weeks. During this time, painful sores can develop. Read More

Dog Tear Stains
Tearstaining is usually caused by excessive tear production. While tearstains are most visible on white-coated dogs, they can be present on any dog. Read More

Why Grooming Your Dog is Important
Grooming is so much more than a quick swipe with a brush; it’s about looking after your dog’s skin, coat, eyes, ears, nails, and teeth. Grooming is an essential part of caring for your dog!  Read More

How to Survive Dog Shedding Season
Cleaning up all that dog hair can seem like a losing battle at times, but understanding shedding patterns can help you better manage this common household struggle. Here’s what you should keep in mind when it comes to dog shedding.  Read More

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with A Newly Adopted Dog
Did you recently welcome home a fur pal? Learn how to bond with your newly adopted dog and become best friends!  Read More

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