How to Train a Dog to Pee on a Wee-Wee Pad

Teaching a dog to go potty on a pad might seem like a tall order, but Wee-Wee’s variety of pads can help successfully train any dog—no matter their age! Learning how to train a dog to pee on a Wee-Wee Pad is a simple, straightforward process many pooches can master quickly. Whether you have recently adopted a dog or are revisiting your dog’s potty routine, Wee-Wee offers pads in many sizes with innovative features to make potty training a breeze.

Before You Start

The right potty training tools will help your furry friend learn their new “go” spot. Pick up these items for cleaner, stress-free dog potty pad training.

  • Right-sized pads – Wee-Wee offers pads that are perfect for every kind of dog. From Little Pads for small dogs to Gigantic Pads for the largest furry friends, choose the right coverage to ensure your dog has plenty of space.
  • Stain and odor remover – Your dog might miss the pad, especially early in the training process. Keep supplies handy to help you remove stains and odors quickly.
  • Potty training attractant spray – If your adult dog has never used a pad before, they may need some extra help knowing where to go. While all of our Wee-Wee pads feature built-in targeted attractant, potty training attractant spray will provide additional special scent to help draw your dog to the pad.
  • Pad holder – Keeping the pad in place can help your dog stay on target, especially on a hardwood floor or similar slippery surface. This optional item is a great way to help prevent potty time misses.


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Step #1: Pick a Potty Spot

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The first step of learning how to train a dog to pee on a pad is to select the ideal potty location. Choose a spot that is away from your home’s heaviest foot traffic but easy for your dog to access. Your pooch will appreciate a small amount of privacy, but you should still be able to keep an eye on them. A corner of a room usually works well.

Step #2: Guide Your Dog to the Pad

Directing your dog to their potty spot will be essential. Our Wee-Wee pads feature built-in targeted attractant that encourages your pet to go toward the pad, but you should still point them to it when they typically need to use the bathroom. Give your pup a chance to empty their bladder after walks, about 20 minutes after drinking water, and following vigorous dog playtime sessions. Charting potty time occasions can help you pinpoint other instances when your dog is most likely to eliminate.

Step #3: Praise and Reward Your Pooch

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When your dog goes potty on the pad, let them know they did a great job! You may also offer dog treats or a toy as a reward. It’s most important to ensure your dog connects eliminating on the pad with positive reinforcement. After all, rewarded behaviors tend to become repeated behaviors.

Step #4: Put Down a New Pad

As soon as your dog soils the pad, toss it in the trash and replace it with a new one. If you’re using attractant spray, don’t forget to apply it once you put down the fresh pad.

Step #5: Work on Outdoor Potty Training

Dog by back door

If you are transitioning your dog from indoor training to going potty outdoors, begin moving the pad a bit closer to the door after each success. You don’t need to move it far—just a foot or two at a time will. Once the pad reaches the door, move it to the outdoor potty spot and begin taking your dog there at regular intervals.

Potty Time Has Never Been Simpler!

Dog potty pad training will be a great benefit to both you and your dog—regardless of their age! Once your pooch masters how to use our Wee-Wee pads, they will have a clean, convenient potty spot for years to come. Plus, Wee-Wee Pads offer a great potty solution during extreme weather, travel, and other situations where your dog needs a dedicated place to “go.”