How to Use Puppy Pads in 10 Creative Ways

Puppy pads are a key item for pet parents, but did you know they can be used for more than your dog's potty spot? Our Wee-Wee® Pads are designed with multi-layer construction for highly absorbent, leak-proof floor protection—making them a handy tool for all sorts of scenarios! Learn how to use puppy pads for a variety of alternate purposes.

#1: Placemat for Pet Food and Water Bowls

Whether you’re a dog or cat parent, potty pads can be the perfect, easy-to-clean-up barrier between your pet’s food & water bowls and the floor. With multi-layer construction, Wee-Wee dog training pads will soak up splashed water. Not to mention, it is much easier to pick up and throw away the pad than to sweep kibble or wipe up wet pet foods!

#2: Litter Box Mat

Have a feline friend? Placing a training pad under your cat's litter box is a great way to keep the surrounding area tidier. Put the pad just outside the box to collect any cat litter your cat may track as they leave their potty spot. As a bonus, you can even opt to use Wee-Wee Odor Control Pads with Febreze freshness for an added clean scent.

#3: Floor Mat

After returning inside from a walk around the block or playtime with your dog, it doesn't take long for muddy paw prints to scatter around the floor. To help catch excess dirt on your dog's paws before your furry friend runs through the house, keep a pad right by your door. This will also be a safe spot to take off your own wet or dirty shoes! All Wee-Wee dog training pads have a rapid-drying top layer with quilted pockets that are especially effective in preventing messy tracking.

#4: Crate, Carrier, and Pet Bed Liner

Whether you transport your pup to doggy daycare each week or your cat tags along with you on the occasional weekend trip, your pet is bound to spend some time in a carrier or crate. Line the area with a pad for a layer of protection in the event your furry friend has an on-the-go accident!

#5: Furniture Protection

If you have a pet who is still wet from bath time or tends to shed a lot, you may need a quick solution for protecting your furniture from getting wet or fur covered. Wee-Wee Superior Performance Gigantic Pads are especially effective for covering household items such as the couch or chairs; these pads are 140% larger than the standard Wee-Wee training pad, so they can shield a great section of your furniture while providing an easy, disposable fix.

#6: Large Mess and Spill Cleanup

Sometimes the biggest household messes have nothing to do with your furry friend. A standard-size Wee-Wee dog training pad measures 22 inches by 23 inches, offering a large, super-absorbent method for cleaning up life's major spills.

#7: Bathmat

If you don't already have a bathmat or it's in the wash, a potty pad can act as a convenient stand-in. Keep the pad near the tub to dry off your feet (or your pet's paws)! Wee-Wee dog training pads draw fluid to the core and have a leak-proof bottom layer to help prevent slippery floors.

#8: Grooming Mat

When you're grooming your pet at home, anything that helps make the task simpler is welcome. Clipping your cat's nails and don't want to worry about sweeping the floor after? Need an area to capture all the excess fur while brushing your dog? A Wee-Wee training pad provides a clean work area that you can simply fold up and dispose of later!

#9: Protection During Oil Changes

The uses for puppy pads aren't limited to pet-specific cleanup! For example, whether you're in the garage or the driveway changing your car's oil, the last thing you want is a huge stain on the ground. Between absorbing and distributing fluids to providing a leak-proof layer, Wee-Wee dog training pads can help prevent messy oil spills and leaks.

#10: Water Leaks

We've been there: the ceiling or sink in your home starts inconveniently leaking. Luckily, a pad can help catch water while you wait for a leak to be fixed. Or, the pad can provide extra floor coverage when placed under the container used to collect leaking water. Wee-Wee Super Absorbent Pads with Insta-Rise Border feature a border that rises where exposed to liquids to help prevent runoff—offering the perfect solution as you wait for the handyman to come take care of the leak!

America's Original Trusted Pads

Along with all these convenient ways to use Wee-Wee dog training pads, we can't forget they are America's Original Trusted Pads and the ultimate potty training solution—including exclusive targeted attractant, multi-layer technology, and 24-hour protection. Plus, our pads come in a variety of sizes with innovative features to meet every dog and pet parent's needs.

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