How to Potty Train a Puppy to "Go" on Wee-Wee® Pads

Welcoming home a new furry friend? It won’t take long to realize the importance of potty training! Promptly teaching your dog where to do their business will kickstart training and prevent potty accidents around the house. If you’re like most pet parents, though, you may need some help. Whether you wish to train your pup to potty inside or outside, Wee-Wee Pads are a must-have tool. These soft, absorbent pads provide dogs their own dedicated spot to “go” while keeping your floor dry. Learn how to potty train a puppy on Wee-Wee Pads with these helpful tips.

Setting up for Success

Every dog takes to potty training differently, so having the right training tools on hand will help you prepare from the start. Consider these key dog potty training aids to ensure clean and easy training.

  • Pad holder – We all know puppies can be little balls of energy! A dog pad holder will keep your pup’s Wee-Wee Pad in place during potty time. It’s also a definite advantage on a hard floor that may be slippery.
  • Potty training attractant spray – Not every pup knows where to potty on their first try. Use a puppy potty training attractant spray to direct your dog to their potty spot.
  • Stain and odor remover – Potty accidents happen. A dog stain and odor remover will help you clean messes quickly and easily.
  • On Target Trainer The fewer times your pup misses the Wee-Wee Pad, the better. Our On Target Trainer helps keep dogs centered on the pad and features removable splash guard walls to protect against messes.

6 Steps to Wee-Wee Pad Training 

Training a puppy to use Wee-Wee Pads is simple. Teach your pup where to potty with these six helpful steps! 

1. Scout Out a Potty Spot

Your puppy will have an easier time potty training if you provide them a regular spot to do their business. Once you select the best Wee-Wee Pad for your dog, place it somewhere they can easily access and away from heavy foot traffic. A corner of the room where your pet spends most of their time is often ideal.

2. Familiarize Your Dog with the Pad

All Wee-Wee Pads feature built-in attractant, which entices dogs to potty on the pad rather than your carpet, hardwood floors, or someplace else. Place your dog on the pad frequently throughout the day to familiarize them with the scent.

3. Know When It’s “Go Time”

Once your dog knows where to potty, it’s time for you to figure out when they’ll need to eliminate. Signs your dog has to potty include sniffing, circling, and starting to squat or lift their leg. When it appears they need to go to the bathroom, say “potty” and direct them to the Wee-Wee Pad.

Puppies typically need to empty their bladders first thing in the morning, after waking from naps, about 20 minutes after drinking water, and following brisk play sessions. If your pup doesn’t eliminate when you take them to the pad, bring them back to the potty spot a short while later. You may also find it useful to keep a chart of your pet’s Wee-Wee Pad training successes and failures. Doing so can help you identify other times of the day they need to return to the potty spot. 

4. Praise Your Pooch!

When your puppy eliminates on the pad, show them they did a good job! Positive reinforcements such as a dog chew treat or toy make great rewards; even simple praise will let your dog know you are pleased with their behavior.

5. Start Fresh 

Replace the used Wee-Wee Pad with a fresh one after congratulating your dog on a job well done. Remain diligent, guiding your puppy to the pad whenever they look like they have to potty. Your pup will get the hang of knowing where to go as they associate the Wee-Wee Pad’s attractant with potty time.

If your dog eliminates somewhere other than the pad, don’t worry; potty time “misses” are common during training and should not be punished. Immediately place your dog back on the pad and encourage them to potty there.

6. Teach Your Dog to Potty Outside

If your ultimate goal is to have your furry friend potty outside, gradually move the Wee-Wee Pad closer to the door every day by about a foot or two each time. Move the pad outside when it reaches the door and place it in an appropriate, preferred area. Escort your dog to this spot at regular intervals and they will eventually get comfortable eliminating outside.

A Clean and Reliable Potty Time Solution

Learning how to potty train a puppy to “go” on Wee-Wee Pads will benefit you and your dog. In addition to providing your pup their very own potty spot, our pads offer unparalleled floor protection. Wee-Wee Pads also feature the Floor Armor Leak-Proof System, complete with multiple innovative layers to prevent leaks and avoid messy tracking. Once your dog gets accustomed to using pads, they will master potty time in no time!