Why Healthy Promise™ Pet Supplements

Approved by the NASC

All Healthy Promise pet supplements earned a quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)—a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting and enhancing companion animals’ health. This seal ensures our products comply with criteria such as stringent quality control standards, ingredient reviews, and much more.

Enhanced with BioPerine®

A variety of Healthy Promise supplements are specially formulated with BioPerine®, a patented black pepper extract. This unique ingredient speeds up nutrient absorption to ensure your pet gets the key vitamins and minerals they need quickly. Whether you have a “casual walk around the block” fur friend or an “always ready to run” four-legged athlete, your pet will be as ready as ever to take on the day.

Wholesomely Nutritious, Totally Delicious

Say goodbye to the days of creating elaborate schemes just to get your pet to take a capsule or pill. Our supplements include delicious soft chews featuring enticing flavors like chicken and liver so your best friend can look forward to their Healthy Promise “treat” every time!

Pet Vitamins & Supplements Proudly Made in the USA

At Four Paws, we set the bar high because we know there’s no higher priority than your pet’s health. We carefully create all Healthy Promise products in the United States with globally sourced ingredients to ensure they provide world-class health and wellness support. You’ll feel just as good giving your pet these supplements as they’ll feel taking them.

SuperBlend Formulas Maximize Results

Developing products that help your furry family member stay strong, agile, and healthy should be treated as an exact science—and we do just that. Our SuperBlend formulas combine essential ingredients such as Glucosamine, Vitamin C, and DHA Omega 3 for optimal mental and physical benefits.

Taking Hip & Joint Health to New Heights

Strong joints and comfortable mobility are key for keeping your fur friend thriving vibrantly by your side. Healthy Promise Hip & Joint is richer in chondroitin than competing supplements and contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that helps lubricate joints. For veterinarian-strength aid, Healthy Promise Advanced Formula Hip & Joint is made with 600 milligrams of glucosamine to promote healthy cartilage.

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